Workers Compensation (also known as Employers Indemnity cover) is an insurance policy that’s compulsory for most employers.

Business Insurance Specialists provides workers compensation and related services. We assist by offering broking, claims management, return to work and injury management, and health and wellbeing solutions.

As a director or owner of a business, one of your many responsibilities is to provide to staff a safe work environment.

Being able to afford these processes in-house can be challenging to the normal business, and hence, we provide a cost effective process for those companies that wish to have procedures in place.

Business Insurance Specialists with our workers compensation division can assist your business.

Services include:-

Placement of insurance programme for Workers Compensation in all states and territories

Claims management advice from beginning to end, efficiently managing claim costs and their impact on premiums

Injury Management and Return to Work advice

Health and Wellbeing – access to a broad range of health services consisting of exclusive national GP network, priority imaging and 24/7 Injury Hotline.

Consulting advice can also be provided in the following areas :-

Return to Work co-ordination

Work Health and Safety solutions

Pre-employment, Drug and Alcohol testing

Duties of directors are ever increasing, and you need to have appropriate strategies and plans in place, in order to ensure that you are meeting your obligations.

Recently, both Queensland and ACT passed laws whereby greatly increased penalties and jail time convictions can be handed down to companies, directors, officers, management and workers (1).

For example, in Queensland the laws recently enacted allow for lower level Category 1 offences (there are 3 Categories) allowed for fines of up to $ 3,000,000 for entities, $ 600,000 for directors, management or officers, and $ 300,000 to workers, with up to 5 years imprisonment. For worse cases, fines of up to $ 10,000,000 can be made. In Victoria, laws relating to Occupation Health and Safety are also being reviewed with a potential increase from the current 5 years to 20 years for reckless endangerment, and maximum fine increase from $ 3,171,400 to $ 16,000,000 (2).

If you do have any enquiries regarding our work place services, please contact Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd and request additional information and we will assist.

(1) New industrial manslaughter laws to protect Queenslanders 2017
(2) York, K 2018 Industrial Manslaughter Legislation – VIC