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Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd (BIS), ASIC AFSL 223 627, as your broker gives you piece of mind that your insurance dealings are being dealt with in a professional manner.


Insurance is unlike any other expense on a business’ profit and loss statement.


Insurance allows businesses who are serious about being in business to both protect their risk and also take additional risk that they would not be able to do without having appropriate insurance in place.


Insurance terminology can be very confusing and our role is to explain these terms to you. Terms such as extra cost of reinstatement, additional extra cost of reinstatement, retroactive date, occurrence based policy and claims made policy are foreign terms to the everyday person.


Insurance policies are legal contracts that are probably the most important business contracts that an individual or business will enter into. Insurance is a necessity if you are serious about your future.


Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd staff are familiar with insurance policies. We deal with all the major insurers in Australia with access also to the international insurance market.


As your insurance broker we are familiar in providing advice relating to insurance and risk. We look forward to assisting your with your future insurance needs.