Prestige Home Insurance for Luxury Homes

Prestige or Luxury Home insurance provides insurance coverage for your home and contents with unique benefits in addition to your standard home insurance.

High value homes are generally those home with a value in excess of $1,000,000. For homes like this, a standard offering may not be the best fit.

As a broker, our selected insurers for this type of cover do provide superior cover. High net worth individuals with substantial assets and with luxury homes, need to consider having higher levels of cover in order to ensure they are fully protected.

Benefits found in a Prestige Home insurance policy, which are typically not provided for in alternative covers, can include:

  • Property Insurance – Guaranteed replacement with extended rebuild replacement cost coverage
  • Personal visitation by your insurer to value and assess home
  • Boat Jetties and pontoons covered
  • Professional office contents insured
  • Unregistered Golf Buggies
  • Identity Theft Personal Cyber
  • Tree removal costs
  • Substantially higher dollar value limits for
    • Fine Art and Paintings
    • Jewellery and Valuable items at home and overseas
    • Alternative Accommodation up to four years
    • Wine spoilage
    • Credit Card misuse if lost/stolen
  • Cash Settlement of Claims

With Prestige Home insurers their basis of settlement clause is slightly different and often will allow the Insured individual or family to select cash settlements at your own choice.  With standard policies, the actual method of settlement is determined by insurer.  Other differences occur when claims occur. There are many other differences.

In the event of a claim, you are provided with your own experienced Insurance Claims Consultant, who will assist you in expediting the process.

Coverage is available for mansions on estates, riverfront homes or waterfront homes facing canals or the sea, unit owners with high value contents, and houses that are unique, upscale and of high value for ultra-high net worth individuals or families.

If you would like a discussion regarding your prestige or luxury home insurance, please contact us. If in the meantime, you would like a quotation please complete our Prestige Home insurance form, and we will commence working on your cover.