How to protect your business against non-compliant cladding

16 February 2019

The UK’s Grenfell Tower disaster has had widespread implications for professionals in Australia’s construction industry. Here’s how to help protect yourself if you’re a contractor […]

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Lessons learned from Sydney’s ‘catastrophic’ storm

22 January 2019

Sydney’s violent hailstorm, which has left millions of dollars of damage in its wake, is a crucial reminder of how important it is to protect […]

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Why your business needs an extreme weather action plan

12 December 2018

Extreme weather conditions are increasing around the world, and Australia is no exception. Experts predict this summer will, again, be one of the hottest on […]

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Corporate Travel Insurance

16 November 2018

If you have employees who are required to travel for work within Australia or abroad you should ensure that you and they are not exposed […]

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Why use a Broker?

13 October 2018

Why use an insurance broker? For the peace-of-mind. That’s why. There is nothing worse than paying a premium for insurance, then, when you lodge a […]

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Cyber-Crime: A growing Menace

20 September 2018

The reality is that all companies, large or small are targets for cyber criminals. Unfortunately many businesses operate under the belief that their existing insurance […]

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