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Medical Indemnity Insurance

Medical Indemnity Insurance for Medical Practitioners

25 November 2019

Medical indemnity insurance covers practitioners for both legal costs and the costs of awarded compensation if you are found to have caused harm by committing an error, omission or negligent act. As a health professional, your professional indemnity insurance covers both you and your patients if something goes wrong during medical care and your patient […]

Catastrophic Storm

Climate Change, Weather and Insurance

22 November 2019

Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd has noted ASIC’s guidance to ASX listed company boards that Climate Change is a risk that must be discussed and action taken. The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) as the major body representing directors in Australia has also taken a pro-active stance in stating that “… climate change risks, […]

School Fee Education Insurance

School Fee Protect Insurance

19 November 2019

Insuring your Child’s Education School Fee Protect Insurance insures your child’s education against your unemployment or disability. Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd provides a very easy and fast application process to obtain a quotation. People insure their pets, their cars, their homes. What about your child’s education which is paid from your salary ? This […]

Short Term Host Airbnb Home Insurance

Short Term Host AirBNB Home Insurance

7 November 2019

Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd has recently received several inquiries from people who are offering their homes for short term rent through Airbnb and seeking insurance. Following this, it is opportune to provide some guidance on insuring your home, contents, personal effects and also liabilities arising from the offering of Airbnb. Insurance is available, but […]

Protect your business against non-compliant cladding

How to protect your business against non-compliant cladding

16 February 2019

The UK’s Grenfell Tower disaster has had widespread implications for professionals in Australia’s construction industry. Here’s how to help protect yourself if you’re a contractor who’s worked on any Australian building project. The UK Grenfell Tower disaster claimed the lives of 72 people on 14 June 2017. The tragedy unfolded on television and computer screens around the […]

Sydney’s ‘catastrophic’ storm

Lessons learned from Sydney’s ‘catastrophic’ storm

22 January 2019

Sydney’s violent hailstorm, which has left millions of dollars of damage in its wake, is a crucial reminder of how important it is to protect yourself against potentially crippling damage to your business. The incident, declared a ‘catastrophe’ by the Insurance Council of Australia, led to more than 15,000 claims in the 18 hours after […]

Extreme weather action plan

Why your business needs an extreme weather action plan

12 December 2018

Extreme weather conditions are increasing around the world, and Australia is no exception. Experts predict this summer will, again, be one of the hottest on record, with severe bushfires, storms and floods all set to increase. In the absence of the vast resources of larger organisations, there is an urgent need for small businesses to […]

Corporate Travel Insurance

Corporate Travel Insurance

16 November 2018

If you have employees who are required to travel for work within Australia or abroad, you should ensure that you and they are not exposed to potentially large financial losses as a result of these travels. Expenses for medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, flight cancellations,hire car excesses or lost luggage are several common losses that […]

Why use a Broker?

13 October 2018

Why use an insurance broker? For the peace-of-mind. That’s why. There is nothing worse than paying a premium for insurance, then, when you lodge a claim following an insured event, find that you get the runaround from the insurance company and, eventually, a settlement that leaves you well out of pocket. Buying your business and […]

Cyber-Crime: A growing Menace

20 September 2018

The reality is that all companies, large or small are targets for cyber criminals. Unfortunately many businesses operate under the belief that their existing insurance policies are enough to cover their data security and privacy exposures. This is not the case. Australian insurance companies however are at the forefront in making good the damage of […]