Information Technology

Information Technology as an industry is wide and varied. Every business will use IT in it’s everyday dealings.

How do you protect your data and also the data of others ? Without data, if it is lost or damaged, nearly all businesses would cease to operate. Businesses are now discovering how important it is to protect, and also insure, the data in their computer systems whether this be stored on a computer, server or in the cloud.

If you had no access to your data, whether that be your own data (and/or intellectual property), your customer’s, your supplier’s for even a week, what effect would this have on your business ?

Let’s put in place a plan, so you know what to do.

For any director of a business, we recommend you undertake a number of major pro-active steps.

Business Insurance Specialists can provide you with assistance in this area, with our Cyber IT Risk expert, able to document and provide a full comprehensive report to you on your exposures with an action response plan.

As a case in point, what would you do if any of following cyber incidents occurred for example:

Virus/Malware Infection

Ransomware Infection

Confidential Data Loss

Hacking of Business Servers

Malicious or Accidental Act by Staff Member


Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd has developed a formal report for executive management which details your IT exposures and resultant action plan. Contact us today for an initial meeting with our Cyber IT Risk expert to discuss.