Data Breach List

List of Data Breaches in Australia and Overseas

A list of major Data breaches in Australia is provide below. This can assist people to gain a better understanding of the level of cyber security breaches that are occurring in the public domain. Currently, Australian Cyber Security legislation is targeted on businesses with annual turnover of more than $3,000,000. With some types of industries all business is subject to this legislation irrespective of turnover.

We believe all Australian businesses need to be aware of, and familiar with the types of incidents that can occur.

Our current Australian Date Breach list for 2020 is provided below.

What are some examples of major Australian Data Breach incidents?

Nova Data Breach occurred where more than 250,000 listeners had personal information including addresses and birth dates disclosed.

The Canva data breach occurred where a hacker acquired the details of 139 million of their users – none of the data provided financial information.

The ANU data breach was performed by an unknown hacker who was able to obtain HR, Financial and Student information of the university.

The Landmark White data breach happened when  137,500 documents relating to valuations were leaked on the dark web. An experienced IT contractor who had previously worked 12 years for the firm was the culprit.

NAB data breach was where approximately 13,000 customers had information such as date of birth, drivers license number, name and contact accidentally shared with two data service companies.

What are some examples of major Global Data Breach incidents?

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the level of Cyber incidents. Major companies are every day being attacked, with no company immune to loss even with the best preparation. Some of these losses are detailed below, where records were lost, Data being stolen or lost is a major risk.

How a business can reduce likelihood of a Data Breach?

To minimize your loss, a business should consider having a strong password policy including using a password manager, educate staff, use modern software and hardware, and put in place a Cyber Risk Management and Response plan. This plan can be done in collaboration with your IT service provider. You may wish to also bring in an external auditor or risk consultant in order to ensure they meet your requirements as well. In addition to having a plan, insurance is available to fully protect your business and personal data,and ensure continuity of the business if an event strikes.

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