Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd has experience in structuring and providing insurance and risk management solutions to corporate clients.

If you are a CEO or CFO and would like to have a proper and thorough review of your insurance programme undertaken, please contact Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd.

We specialise in providing cost effective insurance solutions to corporates paying between $50,000 to $1,000,000 per annum.

We can also assist those clients intending on undertaking an IPO with the resultant risks attached.

Our areas of corporate insurance expertise include:

Co-ordination of local overseas placements with overseas insurers in order to meet legislature requirements

Export insurance

Formal risk audits and proposals relating to Risk Management including Cyber

Strategic review of existing insurances

Structuring of corporate insurance programme

Access to legal reviews of your contracts you sign as a Third Party, and how the indemnity and insurance provisions relate to your current insurance programme

Additional service offerings tailored for your needs

With our Head Office located in Brisbane CBD, Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd is at the ready to assist you in making sure that your insurance programme is cost and cover efficient.

A property structured corporate insurance programme provides ease of mind, and is a cost effective manner of reducing your risk.