Corporate Travel includes coverage for Personal Accident, Baggage lost or misplaced, Liability, Emergency Medical Expenses overseas, Hire car excess, Kidnap, Ransom, Extra territorial workers compensation, 24 hour phone contact number and more.

A comparison table of the difference in benefits between a standard Corporate Travel policy and Travel Agent policy is provided below.

Personal Accident e.g. Paraplegic Up to $500,000 Typically $50,000 Corporate Travel
Delay /  Expenses Covered unless excluded Unless event  named, nil cover Corporate Travel
Hire Vehicle excess Up to $10,000 Typically $2,000 Corporate Travel
Pre-existing condition exclusion Covered – subject to fit to travel Applies Corporate Travel
Pure leisure travel of management and directors Included n/a n/a

Personal Accident

Personal Accident Insurance provides coverage for accidental injury or sickness. Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd can provide coverage to cover individuals or groups including sporting member, volunteers, students, employees or directors of businesses, and also persons aged over 65.

Types of Personal Accident work covers include:

Top Up insurance - in addition to Workers Compensation benefits during work hours for employees

Outside Working hours only for employees

Directors Personal Accident insurance - to cover gaps in Workers Compensation in some states and territories

We also can provide Personal Accident coverage for Persons aged over 65 which can often be difficult to obtain

Various cover options are provided by this insurance against a range of events

Journey insurance - to and from home/work - to cover gaps in Workers Compensation in some states and territories

Benefits include:

Capital Benefit Payout for injury that results in Death or Permanent Total Disablement

Weekly benefit for Injury

Weekly benefit for Sickness

These above policies are general insurance products meaning cover is limited for weekly benefits to 104 weeks maximum (not to age 65).