Building and Construction


The construction industry has been with us since Ancient Egyptian and Greek times and will be for as long as we still walk this planet. The construction industry can be a challenging one to work in, especially considering the many different types of risks associated with your typical construction projects.

It is very important for any business that deals in construction to have the appropriate insurance coverage in place - property or liability loss can be significant.

Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd’s aim as your insurance broker is to provide you with the optimal level of coverage, with a policy designed to meet your business needs. By doing so, this allows you to get on with business even if a loss does occur.

A construction insurance policy (also known as Contract Works insurance or Contractor All Risks insurance) will typically come in two sections – Material Damage and Liability. This type of coverage has policy extensions that depending on your type of project, can be very significant. At a construction site, there can be many people doing different jobs. You need to make sure your insurance provides the protection you want and need.

Whether you need single projects or annual construction insurances for your construction or development company, we can assist.

Contractual Advice

As a major service to our existing clients, we can provide legal advice relating to how your insurance and indemnity contract clauses relate to your insurance policies.

We will bear the cost of this legal service, as we see ourselves as both an insurance and risk adviser, with how your contracts relate to your insurance, being part of your risk management.

We can also provide legal advice, at cost, on how your contracts should be drawn up between yourself and your own customers or principals. We would provide a formal quotation for your acceptance, prior to any work being undertaken.


Most importantly, our staff have had experience in arranging insurance cover for various project types and would be happy to assist you in arranging your construction insurance cover.

Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd can assist you in obtaining appropriately designed cost-effective Construction insurance.