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Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd is actively consulting with affiliates to provide add-on services to your valued clients.

We have developed a systemised method of ensuring businesses review their insurances. We ask questions regarding the client’s business, their current insurance program, their assets and their liabilities and many other risk triggers, in order to ensure that they are insured correctly.

This adds value to your business, in that you have your clients being insured correctly, which ensures you are reducing your client’s downside risk, and protecting their upside business growth and potential, through an unplanned or catastrophic event that could ultimately greatly effect your client’s Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss.

If you are in an advice related business, and you wish to provide your clients with a broader service offering please contact us.

Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd is a private company that is also a member of the Steadfast Group which is listed on the ASX.

Please contact Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd to discuss this opportunity further

To discuss entering into an Affiliate arrangement with Business Insurance Specialists Pty Ltd, please contact Tom Knox, Managing Director.